Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Time Craft: Homemade Suncatcher Paint

Making your own colorful paint:

Jennifer Wieland is a true blessing in our crafty household with her blog My Sweet Sanity! She discovered a perfect technique that cut the cost of both of my daughter's favorite craft  project of painting suncatchers. Her solution, make it yourself! My girls LOVE color, and would use every drop of paint in one painting session. Plus, there would always be that one color that would run out before all the rest. With this gem, in just a snap, you can always stir-up another batch of that beloved color.

It is simple, cheap, and the colors are more vibrant than the store bought paints. The cherry on top is the little painters can make their own colors by mixing primary colors together. Mixing the colors was a funny learning experience for my soon-to-be Kindergartner. 

What you will need:
Clear Glue
Food Coloring
Small Containers or cups to hold the paint
Plastic Suncatchers
Section-cup hangers or string to hang the Suncatcher
toothpicks to stir

Squeeze desired amount of glue for your group into your containers. I happened to have some old dried out paints that I had bought. I cleaned out the little cups and reused them to make our own paints. For our containers, I used two drops of food coloring. To create other colors, we put one drop of each primary color we needed to make orange, purple, and blue-green. Use the toothpicks to stir the food coloring into the clear glue. Mix well. 

         Once your paints are mix together let your painter create their masterpiece!

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