Tuesday, November 8, 2011

God's Biggest Treasures

God's Biggest Treasures, By Melissa Alani

   When Katie receives a package in the mail from her grandpa, it leads her
to on a hunt for, "God's Biggest Treasures".
Come along as Katie experiences the glory of God's
creation, the wonder of His world, and the power of
His love through the magic of a tiny magnifying glass.

  The story will teach children that even the smallest items we take for granted can be, "God's Biggest Treasures".  Take a moment outside to look around your surroundings. God created everything you see, the blades of grass that provides drips of dew for insects to drink. The colorfully flowers that create pollen for the bees to make sweet sticky honey, of which we take the pleasure of indulging in our teas and other items.

  Katie's journey will also teach the reader of God's love, by the bible verse John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son".  Katie points out that God creates items to remind of His love. While reading the story, the children will be encourage to share God's everlasting love with others.

 The young reader will learn using a magnifying glass will enhance the size of an object. Katie's adventures and knowledge from her science class informs the reader of the life cycle of a caterpillar and tadpole.

  The illustrator, Samantha Kickingbird from Tate Publishing, pours her passion of art into each turn of the page. The whimsical illustrations captures Katie's emotions and the beauty of the smallest creations our God has created. Samantha drew a little hidden treasure on each page for the children to discover as they read the story.

 The book is available for pre-realse through Tate Publishing's web-site, or you can order directly from the author.  God's Biggest Treasures, will be officially released to the stores on December 13th, 2011.  Hardback covers are available for purchase from the author.

    The author performs free readings to local schools in the following cities:
         Temecula, CA
         Murrieta, CA
         Menifee, CA
         Lake Elsinore, CA

 If you would like to order a book from the author, or are interested in booking a reading, please contact:
       Melissa Alani

   To order a copy of, God's Biggest Treasures, from the publisher click on the link below.
       Tate Publishing