Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blueberries: Float, Sink, or Dance

Today we went on an adventure to our local U-Pick blueberry farm. We started our journey at story-time on the farm.
Then off we went to pick fresh plumb blueberries.

Once at home, we placed three clear cups onto our experiment tray. One cup we filled with water, the second vinegar and the third Club Soda. We took three blueberries and placed them in the freezer to use later. With fresh berries in-hand, we tested our theory if a blueberry would: float, sink, or dance in the liquid. I told the girls which liquid we were placing the berry in, and each girl had to call out their theory. It was exciting to see if the girls would pick the same or different answer.  Then we added some kick by adding baking soda in the water and vinegar cups. The results were interesting.I could tell them to you, but that would take away the suspense of you conducting this experiment with your little ones. I will say this, let them sit in the cups and you will see some dancing blueberries!

We retested the experiment with the frozen berries to see if we would have the same reaction as the fresh ones. We discussed how a berry is filled with water and juice. We covered the fact that water and juice will freeze, just like water can freeze into ice-cubes.

After our experiment was complete the girls wrote in their journals. The math portion will be introduced as we make a delicious blueberry treat!

 What you will need:
3 clear cups
Baking Soda
Club Soda

Have a berry time!

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