Monday, June 16, 2014

Glowing Bowling Math!

While surfing Pinterest I discovered a pin for glow in the dark bowling.  Knowing our daughters enthusiasm for bowling, I quickly thought of a way to use this idea as a tool to enhance their math skills.

What You Will Need
Water Bottles
Glow in the Dark Sticks
A Ball
Math Sheets


For our game we used six empty water bottles. We started off with water still in the bottles; however our ball was not hard enough to knock over the "pins". You can use as many bottles as your family can knock over.  The girls had to record the number of pins they knocked over with each roll on their math sheet to create a number sentence. Writing their score added to their excitement of playing the game. 

For our daughter entering kindergarten I used simple addition sentence facts. For our daughter entering 2nd grade we reviewed common core 1st grade math by making a "tens" and "ones" block. For example: If the child knocks over 3 pins, then they write 30 in the tens section. On the next roll if they knock over 4 pins, then they write 4 in the ones section, 30+4= 34. Plus, I added three multiple addition number sentences.

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