Friday, March 28, 2014

Recycle Preschool Toys to Make a Garden Bed

I had two issues to deal with during Spring clean-up in our backyard this year:

1)  What to do with the out-grown preschool toys that took up space in the backyard?
2)  Seeing cost of veggies are climbing due to the drought, where to plant a garden suitable for plant growth?       

Stepping back, I saw a low-cost solution to resolve both issues. Recycle! A garden would require raised beds, and the discarded toys have depth containers that can hold soil . The boat was perfect! Once a water toy it was already equipped for drainage. Mr. Turtle had to undergo a little operation of about 10 nail piercings on his underbelly. I explained to our daughters that the nail holes allow the water to drain keeping the strawberry roots from drowning. Living in California, I haven been educating the girls the impact the drought is having on our State from farmers, stores, cost to home. We placed a bin next to the play house to catch rain fall to help water our plants. Now if we only had more rain!

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