Friday, April 12, 2013

Peter Pan and the Never Land Birthday Party

Welcome to Never Land!

With the sprinkle of pixie dust, and the magic of our inner child we were able to transform our home into Never Land for our daughter's 5th birthday!

We invited our guest to dress as their favorite character using what they already had in their clostes. It was fun guessing what character our friends were dressed up as. The birthday girl was a fan of mermaids at the time, and wanted to be one from the Mermaid Lagoon. Luckily, she was a mermaid the previous Halloween. Her older sister became Wendy and her friend chimed in as Peter Pan. Baby sissy was our magical Tinker Bell. Little did Wendy and Peter Pan know that Tinker Bell's mom was going to use her pixie dust carrier to have them pick-up pizza's. The fun of being a mom!
A flag let our guest know they have found the secret entrance into Never Land
To enter into Never Land, they had to go through the magical waterfall 
  Once through the waterfall, the hint of the treasures left by Captain Hook at the coves entrance let them know they were getting close.
Where they were also greeted by, Tinker Bell
To lead them on the right path, they had to follow the sign
After a long journey, our guest were treated to a fest of Lilly pads, lady bugs, grass sticks in a ranch pond, a bowl of jewels (aka fruit salad), and the catch of the day ( aka fish crackers)

In Never Land, there are treasure to be found! 
All seemed safe, until we spotted Captain Hook's Pirate Ship! Together they all protected 
Never Land!

 At the Mermaid Lagoon, our guest were able to create sand art to take home with them.
In a group of two, we went on a treasure hunt to find the missing treasures around the local islands (aka neighbors). Seeing we had our hands full, we forgot to take a picture.
For the time in-between the guest were able to play at Tinker Bell's house.
Then it was time for cake!

It was time to say good-bye. Before leaving Never Land, our tired guest were able to transform into fairies and pirates as their "goodie bags" to start their journey back to their beds for a much needed nap.
Remember, once in a while we have to let our inner-child come out to play to keep us young at heart! 

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