Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: The Fish Who Swam Too Far

The Fish Who Swam Too Far
 The Fish Who Swam Too Far
By, Danielle Kirrane

 'The Fish Who Swam Too Far', is an enlightening story of a little fish named Harry, whom is teased by his siblings for for his insecurities of being a scared. Loveable Harry, longs to overcome his fears and to build-up courage to be appreciated by those around him.

After a day of taunting by his sisters and brothers, Harry's emotions quickly switched from sadness to anger.  Harry had enough! For the first time he stood-up for himself towards his siblings and then decided to swim away. 

After realizing he had swum too far, Harry hears the calls of help from another clown-fish. There are challenges that Harry has to overcome in order assist the other fish. Harry conquers his fears by repeatedly telling himself, "I am brave." He builds up his courage to help the clown-fish in distress.  Harry has overcome his insecurities!  

The delightful illustrations are in bold color and catches the attention of the little reader. The girls and I were rooting for Harry the entire time. The story brought-up important discussions of respecting others for who there are; that teasing others is not acceptable; how we are all different in our own way; and how we have the power inside us to overcome our insecurities.

A little about the author

Danielle Kirrane resides in NJ, along with her husband and their two daughters, their dog Jayda, their cat Jimmy little, and their fish. She is a stay at home mom, and loves every minute of it! Her new children’s book, The fish who swam too far, was inspired by her oldest daughter. The clown-fish Harry’s character was actually based on their goldfish named Harry. The fish who swam too far was created one day as Danielle sat with her daughter on the couch. She made up this story as an adventure for their fish Harry and to teach her daughter a valuable lesson as well. Her daughter was actually the one to push her to publish it, luckily she did!
For more information on Danielle Kirrane or her book, The fish who swam too far, you can check out her website at:
The Fish Who Swam Too Far

Story age range: Read-aloud - Elementary (Although, I did look-up to see my 17 year old's eyes off of her i-phone and fixed on the story, now that speaks volumes)

To order a copy of, "The Fish Who Swam Too Far" :  Tate Publishing  or Amazon

My recommendations: This was a delightful story that captured the attention of all three of my daughters. The story line instills the theory that one should not let their challenges in life own them; they can own their challenges and overcome obstacles that come their way! 

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